Geburtsbericht - Familie Hicks (englisch)


I imagine like most first-time parents a lot has happened in a short space of time for my wife, Tine and I since we first found out she was pregnant. Of all of the confusing decisions we have had to make perhaps both the most difficult and the most important for us was figuring out where Tine would give birth.

Not knowing what lay before us we of course thought very carefully about going to a hospital but having recently moved to Idstein we also registered at the Idstein Geburtshaus. The staff at the Geburtshaus reassured us that they were very attentive to the circumstances that might necessitate a trip to the hospital and that this call would be made early, allowing mum and baby to be transferred without stress to the hospital, very rarely under any sort of emergency conditions. Having visited both the Geburtshaus several times along with some of the Maternity Wards at the various hospitals, when my wife went into labour there was only one place we wanted to go. Our midwife, Christiane met us at the Geburtshaus, she welcomed us like we were visiting family or very close friends. She helped us to remain calm, composed and confident (not an easy task at that point). Over the subsequent hours we felt supported both medically and personally. Christiane was very attentive to my wife's and our baby's physical condition looking for any signs that we perhaps might need additional assistance. Fortunately things progressed well and we were very happy to remain where we were. During the later stages of the birth Christiane was joined by Edda and both midwives were completely focused on supporting Tine and our baby through the remainder of the birth. I was also able to be very involved in the process throughout and to feel that I was assisting my wife in some small way. Together, joyfully, we welcomed little Casper into the world.


At that point Christiane and Edda transformed into the best of waiters in a 5 star restaurant, having confirmed that everything was as it should be they politely excused themselves and allowed Tine, Casper and I to get to know each other. Three hours later, without at any point feeling rushed or in fear of being alone, we were home again, the three of us.

We have no family in Hessen and only a handful of friends in the area. This, on top of our very confusing new home-life has had us a bit nervous and unsure about what would come next. But about 7 hours after we left her, probably having had less sleep than the two of us, Christiane was back in our apartment checking on Tine and Casper's health and happiness. She has visited us everyday since and between Christiane, lots of phone calls, emails and of course each other, we feel like we have all the love and support we need.

Deciding where to give birth is obviously a very personal decision but for our little family the Idstein Geburtshaus was absolutely the right place to be.